Acrobatic Arts Syllabus

Acrobatic Arts was created to make Acro dance safe and successful in it's training of students.


It has levels which increases a dancers skill set in tumbling, stretching, contortion, balancing and flexibility.

Examinations can be taken all the way up to Professional level.


Examinations can be taken at any age for any level. It is the students skill level that dictates the examination taken.


This class will enable students to gain tricks and incorporate these other genre's safely. Such as Modern, Lyrical and contemporary.

(Dance mom's) Think Aerial's, Walk overs, hand springs. 

Our Acro Class is currently a Tuesday evening 6 - 7 pm 8+ or with gymnastic experience, and a Thursday 5.30 - 6pm for ages 8 and Under.

These classes are full on and require a good dedication to learning and not being afraid to fail.