Arts Award


 The Arts Award is a portfolio based course, which has been created by Trinity College London and the Arts Council England.


Here is the information:


" Our mission is to support young people who want to deepen their engagement with the arts, build creative and leadership skills, and to achieve a national qualification.

Through Arts Award at our five levels, children and young people aged up to 25 can explore any art forms including performing arts, visual arts, literature, media and multimedia. The award builds confidence, helps young people to enjoy cultural activities, and prepares them for further education or employment.

Arts Award is managed by Trinity College London in association with Arts Council England working with 10 regional Bridge organisations. Since its launch in 2005, the award has grown quickly and is now flourishing in arts centres, colleges and schools, community projects, libraries, galleries, local authorities, theatres, youth clubs and youth justice settings. " 



Why do it??


This is for anyone with a love of the arts or a wish to enhance their knowledge whilst gaining a nationally recognised qualification that goes towards UCAS points.






To achieve Bronze, a Level 1 national qualification, young people take part in an arts activity they enjoy, go to an arts event, research their arts inspiration and share their skills with others. 




Silver Arts Award, a Level 2 qualification, has two units – Unit 1: arts practice and Unit 2: arts leadership. Doing Silver involves achieving an arts challenge, reviewing arts events, researching artists and arts organisations, and delivering an arts leadership project with other people.


Young people need to plan their work with an adviser and keep a record by creating their own Arts Award portfolio. Young people can pick their own style of portfolio – this could be a diary, video, website blog – or something different altogether. 


What does it entail ?


It is portfolio based.

You decide how to show your work. This can be a folder with evidence. Blogs, dvd, cd, any creative way you can think of to show the work you have created.

Taking part in activities, reviewing, leading.


What skills will I aquire?


Leadership skills

Accademic skills; such as analysis, writting, referencing, learning how to submit a project.

Self managment

All whilst continuing to enjoy the art form you have chosen.


And of course your qualification at the end if you pass.


How is it marked and who see's my work?


Myself as an advisor and assesor for the Arts Award. I will help you along the way keeping in the guidelines set by Trinity and the Arts Council. I complete an assesment of your work then it is moderated by a moderator from the Arts award who will then send out your certificate if you pass.


Is it hard and how long ?


As in everything to gain something it requires your time and energy. However, you chose the subjects you will be using and researching. This course is aimed to enhance your skills, learn new ones and use your own idea's and creativity.


It can take as little or as long as you like. There is a minimum requirement of hours which differs between the levels, but this all depends on what time you have to give and how captivated you become.


Finally the cost?


The cost of the moderation is:  Bronze - £20, Silver - £24. This is just for your portfolio to be marked.

The Class is then a sepearte price for the hour the same as attending a Ballet class or street dance class.



What other artists have to say about the Arts Awards


Richard.E.Grant, Simon Pegg, Ben Shephard, Graham Norton, Wayne Hemmingway are just a few to name who give their seal of approval to these qualifcations.