Festival and Competition Results


RAD Ballet Examinations Results August 2017 :

Well done to all my budding Ballerina's who all received very very high marks in their Royal Academy of Dance Ballet examinations. Well done !!! 


**** Dance Challenge Uk 14th May - Warrington ****

4th place Group - The beach


**** Born to Perform Festival 2nd April 2017 ****

4th Street - Lily LG

4th Lyrical - Cerys R
3rd Street - Ava P
3rd Lyrical - Amy S
2nd Lyrical - Carys E
1st song and dance - Lily L




**** Smile Dance and Drama Festival 2017 ****

Carys E      - 1st Place Character

                 - 3rd Place Acro

Lexi P        - 3rd place Song and dance

                - 3rd Place Song

Cerys R       - 3rd place Tap

Lily L        - 2nd place Tap 

               - 1st Place Song and dance

               - 1st place Solo Song

Amy S            - 3rd Place Modern

                     - 3rd place Acro

                     - 2nd place Ballet

                     - 2nd place Song and dance

                     - 1st place Character

                     - 1st place Tap 

**** Smile Dance and Drama Festival February 2016 ****


Carys E - 2nd place Lyrical 
Carys E - 2nd place Character
Carys E - 3rd place Modern

Amy S - 1st place Character
Amy S - 2nd place Tap
Amy S - 2nd place Ballet
Amy S - 3rd place Song and dance

Lilly L - 1st place Song and dance

Ava H - 1st place Baby Ballet




**** That's Show Biz November 2015 Competition ****


Best Costume 2015 - Christmas Mix

Highest Marks Adult Hip Hop

Highest Marks Adult Classical

4th Place - Adult Contemporary - Ramalama


**** Fierce and Fearless Competition September 2015 ****


5th Place Overall Junior's - Mr Postman





**** North West Dance Festival (Dream makers event) June 2015 ****

Carys E - 3rd place solo modern age 9-10
Carys E - 4th place solo lyrical age 9-10
Kat B - 1st place solo ballet
Kat B - 1st place solo lyrical
Lisa H - 2nd place solo lyrical
Lauren H - 3rd place solo lyrical
Lisa H - 1st place solo street dance
Kat B - 1st place solo tap




**** Birmingham Stage Dance Festival May 2015 ****


Amy S- 1st place novice Ballet age 6-7
Cary's E - 3rd place lyrical in a Novice cabaret section age 8-9
Kat B and Lauren H - 1st place lyrical duo
Kat B- 1st place Solo tap
Lauren H- 1st place Solo character
Kat B - 2nd place Solo character

Lauren H - 3rd Place Solo Lyrical

Lisa H - 2nd place Solo lyrical

Kat B - 1st place solo lyrical

Kat B - 2nd place solo Modern

Lauren H - 1st place solo Modern





**** Deva Dance Festival 2015 ****


Leah Bartlett - Honours - Solo Lyrical

Leah Bartlett and Lauren Usher - Honours Lyrical Duo




**** Crewe dance festival 2014 ****

What a fantastic year for footloose wih brilliant solo’sduets and rios

High marks, and amazing comments from the adjudicators including

Leah B – Honours – Lyrical

Leah B and Lauren U – Honours – Lyrical duo



**** That’s show biz 2014 – Warrington parr hall ****


1st place adult

Best open adult

2nd place adult

Best classical adult