* Competitions 
* Thats Show biz - 
We participate nearly every year.
We have been lucky to win in 2010 with our Libertango,
2013 with Best small group with the boys hiphop,
and placed 3rd with Lion king in under 6's.
2014 - 1st place adult open, 2nd place adult classical.
We have been to the finals in Blackpool Winter Gardens many times.
* UDO and BDO Streetdance competitions, Held yearly and we have had the oppertunity to perform in Blackpool Tower and came 5th with the over 17's.
* Juste Dance Competition.
* Local Fundraisers - Elton Community centre
We partake frequently in small shows to raise money for certain charities like NSPCC, Starlight, and other charities.
We do these 2/3 times a year and they are alot of fun.
* Here is where we also usually perform our Pantomimmes.

* Festivals


We take part in Festivals which are strictly technical capability compared to group performances in other competitions.

These have solo's, Duets, trio's and small groups no bigger than 6.


The girls have won medals, placed 1st -4th and placed with honours. 


- Deva Festival

- Birmingham Stage Dance Festival

- Crewe Dance Festival

- North West Dance Festival

Other Performances:


* We have taken part in Northwich's Thundersprint weekend.

This is Europes Biggest motorcycle weekend of over 240,000 people.

The school has performed here every year since 2008, starting off with just a half an hour slot, and has now built up to 3 seperate 45 minute slots.


* Local Fete/Jubilee. We have been at Elton's local fete for the past 2 years, which started in aid of the Queens jubilee. The school had 2 1/2 hour slots and a parade through Elton in which they danced the entire way round and did not stop.

That year we were the first to win the Best Fete Display Winners Trophey.


* Local Arts awareness days.


20th July 2014 We had 2 1/2 hour slots to raise awareness of the arts in and around the Chester Area. To hopefully showcase the local talents and the need of a Newer and more up to date Theatre for all of us to use.