Street Dance


Street dance is a popular form of dance being seen in many films at the moment such as Streetdance,  and the Step up series.


It consists of mainly four sections:

Poppin and lockin





However there are many others to add in:


Waving, waacking, robotics, tricks, tutting.


Footloose uses the UDO syllabus and can be taken all the way up to teachers status.


Pre primary                                  Age 3

Primary                                        Age 4

Grade 1                                        Age 5

Grade 2                                        Age 7

Grade 3                                         Age 8

Grade 4                                        Age 9

Grade 5                                        Age 10

Grade 6                                        Age 11

Teacher                                        Age 16


We also take part in their championships thoughout the year leading up to World's.